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What to do in a Car Accident

Were you in a car accident? What type of a car accident have you experienced? A competent, skillful lawyer can help you get the compensation that you deserve and are entitled to. Having a good lawyer by your side ensures that whatever type of accident you might be involved in, you will definitely be indemnified.

Learn more about the many common car accident scenarios and injuries that can happen:

Head-on collisions

This is one of the most injurious or fatal of all car accident. The injuries that often results from head on collision are spinal cord injuries, whiplash, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, cuts and bruises.

Rear-end crashes

As the name indicates this type of accident happens when one driver hits the back of another vehicle in front of them. This type of accident normally happens at a stoplight, parking area or in stop sign. The many injuries one can sustain on rear-end crashes are head, neck and spinal cord injuries. Whiplash, soft-tissue injuries are also one of the many injuries you will sustain. Check with your doctor as some of these injuries are not noticeable right away. It is highly important that you are examined by doctor before filing for any insurance claims or taking a legal action against the negligent driver responsible for the accident.

No-contact accidents

Did you know that a person could be at fault for an accident even if they have never touch the victim’s vehicle? This can happen with someone cuts in front of your vehicle, swerves into your lane, which in turn forces you to abruptly swerve, emergency maneuvering which can force you off the road and causes you to crash to another vehicle or another object. Injuries that can be sustain in this type of accident would depend on each situation but the negligent driver who caused the accident will be liable if evidence would show that they are at fault.

Back-up and back-over accidents

This type of car accident would normally occur in a parking lot or when you are backing out of your driveway. In this particular accident the driver’s vision is partially limited. Injuries in this type of car accident would depend on the speed of the vehicle when it crashes on to another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Intersection crashes

One of the most common car accident, intersection crashes often happen when one of the drivers is trying to beat the red light, failing to yield, disregarding traffic rules or illegally turning. It is often referred to as a fender bender but this type of accident can be deadly.

Left-turn accidents:

As the name indicates, this type of accident happens when at an intersection or on a roadway, one of the drivers tries to turn left through approaching traffic without making sure that the road is clear. This can be deadly for the other driver who is in a smaller vehicle or a motorcycle as they are more vulnerable and less protected.

Side-impact accidents

Often referred to as T-bone accidents as these occur when the front of one car smashes on to the driver’s side or passenger side of another car thus making a T. In accidents such as this, one the most injured or killed is the driver or passenger hit by the oncoming vehicle.

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