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Hire a Las Vegas Fender Bender Attorney

Tips on how to find the right Las Vegas Fender Bender Attorney

What is a fender bender? A fender bender refers to a minor or an insignificant collision between two or more vehicles. Mostly dismissed as being irrelevant and no big deal cases, fender benders can also cause damages and can lead to injuries too. For this reason, there are times when filing a claim with an insurance company for fender bender cases are appropriate. In turn, if you need a Las Vegas fender bender attorney, then you look for someone with experience to help you out.

Causes of Fender Bender Crashes

Fender bender accidents are one of the common accident types. The most common causes of fender benders include:

Being preoccupied while driving;
Driving while under the influence of alcohol;
Backing up without checking mirrors first;
Following too closely from another vehicle

Do I need an Attorney for a Fender Bender Crash?

There are cases when you may suffer damages in a fender bender accident, and you will need to file a claim with your insurance company or to the insurance company of the other person involved.

Here are some common cases that will require a Las Vegas fender bender attorney:

When there is property damage to a vehicle, particularly damage on the hood of the car, scrapes or dents along the side;

Soft tissues injuries like whiplash;
Facial injuries, which you may get when airbags explode;
Seatbelt related injuries;
Medical expenses;
Psychological injuries

A Las Vegas fender bender attorney can help you in filing your claim with the insurance company, especially if you do not know the process. When you incur damages and file a claim with an insurance company, you expect the company to settle your claim as smoothly as possible and pay you the compensation that you deserve, however, this is not always the case. The insurance company will sometimes deny your claim, saying that you caused the accident and will not be illegible for compensation. More often than not, an insurance company will deny your claim based on disputes regarding the extent of the damages that you suffer.

That being the case, you will need a fender bender attorney to help you out. Another occurrence when you will need a fender bender attorney is when there are multiple parties involved, and when the extent of damages and injuries are severe.

What should I look for in an Attorney?

A Las Vegas fender bender attorney should be able to help you in simple fender bender cases, to notably bigger ones. You will need to look out for their:


You will need an attorney who knows that process and who has been representing car accident victims for many years.


Look for an attorney that is recognized for his or her abilities in representing clients successfully. An attorney who is a member with the Nevada State Bar, and has received national recognition or awards.

Willingness to help

You will also need an attorney who is compassionate about the job and has the desire to help.



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