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Las Vegas Heads-on car accident attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group

Importance of a Las Vegas Head-on Car Accidents Attorney

Getting involved in a car accident can be a scary ordeal. It is not only emotionally jarring, but it can also cause painful physical injuries and severe damage to the vehicles. One of the major problems that most victims faced is paying for repairs. Even minor accidents can cost thousands of dollars. And an even bigger problem in car accidents is when the victim or any person involved in the accident is injured. Injuries can lead to loss of income, as this will prevent the victim from going to work. Injuries such as whiplash can be devastating as it can deter a person from doing his usual day-to-day tasks and can cause long-term damage. This is where you will need an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney to help you through the legalities. Having an experienced lawyer can look after your interest during settlement proceedings or defend you in the courtroom.

So, what are the most common cause of head-on crashes?

Every time we hear about head-on collision accidents, we usually think that it is because one driver slammed on to another vehicle by passing a slower driver. While this is one of the most common head-on crashes, other types of head-on collisions include the following:

• Speeding;
Distracted driving;
Driving under the influence;
• Fell asleep while driving;

Head-on collisions can also happen even without human involvement. It can be caused by the following;

• The driver trying to avoid an animal or fallen tree trunk
• Car manufacturing failure
• Harsh weather conditions

Most of these accidents would often result in painful injuries and damage to the vehicle. The reason why these injuries are often severe is that the victim or the negligent driver is unaware of the impending accident. Here are some of the potential injuries:

Spinal cord injuries

This is one of the most serious injury one can sustain in a crash. Damage can happen if the force is big enough to break the vertebrae. It is a painful injury wherein pieces of the fractured spine can puncture the spinal cord that could lead to paralysis.

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries happen when a person’s head is by another object, in vehicular accidents, this is usually the steering wheel or the window. This type of blunt force trauma can lead to bleeding and swelling of the brain.


Severe whiplash can occur when the driver or the passenger’s head abruptly snaps forward or backward during the collision. When the head snaps sharply the muscles and ligaments are torn or strained. This type of injury can cause the victim extreme pain and restricts its movement.


One of the most common injuries a person can sustain in a car accident. This is a type of injury happens when the victim hits a dashboard, seatbelt or steering wheel. This type of injury takes a long time to heal.

Organ Damage

A common injury that if left untreated can cause internal bleeding which could lead to death. This occurs when a person’s body is slammed into another object during the crash.
These are just a few common injuries and damage victims may sustain during a head-collision. Not only are these accidents lead to painful injuries but it could also result to expensive hospitalizations. This is where having a good Las Vegas Head-on car accidents attorney can significantly help you. An experienced lawyer like Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group can guide you through all the legalese, and you can concentrate on healing.



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