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Las Vegas Distracted Driving Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group

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Las Vegas Distracted Driving Attorney has emerged as a must-have in Las Vegas. The streets of Las Vegas is replete with risks arising from distracted driving incidents.

Vegas is synonymous with its 4.5 miles boulevard. It is the City’s tourism hub. It is home to the world largest hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, and other tourist attractions. At night, its streets would wake up to a beautiful kaleidoscopes of Las Vegas lights. Driving around the boulevard is already a delight to a tourist. Almost. If not for the danger these attractions present to the driver. Therefore, when in Las Vegas, one must be at least aware of the basics of distracted driving.

It is not a remote possibility that a distracted driver can cause an accident in the streets of Las Vegas.  Distracted driving can manifest in different forms. At the very least, all of them are indications of driving negligence. Injuries arising therefrom entails liabilities for damages.   The State of Nevada has anti-distracted driving laws to curb the presence of distracted driving. Mere violation thereof is punishable by fines, regardless if such results to injuries. For one to navigate seamlessly in the urban jungle of Las Vegas, one must have a Las Vegas Distracted Driving Attorney to represent you if injured from a distracted driver.

What constitutes distracted driving, exceptions

Here are some of the acts constitutive of distracted driving in Las Vegas:Las Vegas Distracted Driving attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group

  • Texting on your handheld phone while.
  • Calling using your handheld mobile phone while during
  • Operating a handheld radio while driving
  • Operating your GPS while the vehicle is moving
  • Putting on makeup while driving
  • Eating while driving.

Those are just the most common forms of distracted driving. But the list is not exclusive. Almost anything that takes away the driver’s attention from driving can be considered distracted driving. Marveling at the tourist attractions while driving in can already be a form of distracted driving. If your attention is completely drawn out to your marveling, that it.

However, there are also exemptions from getting a ticket on distracted driving. Here are some of them:

  • If you are reporting an emergency using your handheld mobile phone
  • If you are operating your gps via voice command
  • If you are a police officer or fire fighter using handheld devices while driving
  • If you are licensed by Federal Communications Commission as an amateur radio operator who is providing public service.
  • If you are an employee or contractor of a public utility

Thank the day you consulted a distracted driving attorney

Being involved in distracted driving incident has varying degrees of repercussions. You would attend to your personal injuries, repair of your vehicle, and legal claims. At the same time, you struggle to get past from the psychological trauma it brings. You still need to document your police and medical records. You need to investigate to gather testimonial and object evidence to support your claims. You need to have a sound legal theory from which your claim or defense may be built. Facing these concerns alone is not worth it. Leave most of these to your Distracted Driving Attorney. That way you will have better chances of protecting your interests. You can concentrate on getting past your psychological traumas and get on with your life.   In a city teeming with distractions, a Distracted Driving Attorney is a must have. Get in touch with our experienced staff now.



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