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Las Vegas Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group

Choosing the right Las Vegas Failure to Yield Attorney

Las Vegas Failure to Yield Attorney

Las Vegas street traffic can be daunting. The multitude of vehicles of varying speeds and directions would be too much to handle. To some, it is madness to drive in this kind of street. Yet, there is always a method to this madness. Your Las Vegas Failure to Yield Attorney is an experienced litigator on the Nevada State Laws on Traffic, the local street ordinance, and personal injury cases.

One of the leading causes of a car accident, yet difficult to establish, is failure to yield. This is especially true in Las Vegas. Usually, car collisions caused by failure to give way involves high impact crashes. These would result to serious brain damage, neck and spine injuries, disfigurement of body parts. Failure to yield happens when one vehicle fails to yield to the right of way of another.

Right of way and failure to yield

Nevada State laws mandate which vehicle has the right of way. The one, which has the right of way, has the priority of passage. Vehicles must yield to this right of way. Drivers are expected to know the rules on right of ways and their obligations to yield. These rules have been effective car collision deterrence. But not all the time that these rules would be observed to the letter. Deviations to the laws of right of way and obligation to yield are realities a Las Vegas driver must contend with. These deviations can sometimes go unnoticed. And when these deviations exist, a car accident is just around the corner waiting to happen. Here are some situations when one has the right of way:

• A vehicle going straight and is at the intersection has the right of way over left turning vehicle.
• Car which is already in the intersection has the right of way over the vehicle which is still approaching the intersection
• In the absence of traffic lights, the car to the right has the right of way
• Emergency vehicles, ambulance and the like, have the right of way regardless of their direction
• Vehicles in funeral processions have the right of way
Pedestrians on crosswalk have the right of way

Your case for or against failure to yield

Knowing the rules on right of way and obligation to yield do help a lot. However, vehicles on the street are always in constant flux. Thereby, yielding requires moment-to-moment good judgment. Car collisions arising from failure to yield can be very challenging to prove. Dashboard camera recording would be very helpful. A police report on car positions and their skid marks would also be useful. Your Las Vegas Failure to Yield Attorney shall walk you through all these. He will advise you on what documents to secure and how to process them. He can also prepare them for you. In severe cases, he may also conduct an independent investigation to obtain evidence for your case. He will investigate whether there are kindred cases embedded in your failure to yield case. So that you would be aware and proper legal strategy be put in place. There may be a criminal case, civil damages case, punitive damages, and insurance claim. There may be a contract of carriage violations. There may be violations of state and local legislation, which either build or break your case. It is always best to consult your Las Vegas Failure to Yield Attorney on these matters.



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