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 Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

What happens in Vegas may not always stay in Vegas. This is especially true when you meet a car accident in Las Vegas. The physical injury, emotional trauma, and legal liabilities may go with you wherever you go.

Las Vegas is the “business and pleasure” capital of the world. Because of it, people from different walks of life flock to Las Vegas. The city is teeming with tourist attractions and economic opportunities. However, Las Vegas offers not just unlimited tourism possibilities; its busy streets present just as many car accident risks. It is on these risks that one must be prepared when in Las Vegas. When in Vegas, it is best that one have access to an experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney.

If you have any questions about what to do if you are in a car accident, please visit our FAQ section. We also have a section about Car Accident Basics and articles that cover the First Steps to Take Following a Car Accident. We have also included a directory below of many areas that people often have questions about, specific to their circumstances. Thanks for visiting us and considering our representation. We are here to help, and look forwarding to facilitating in your recovery.

Your Attorney Your Peace of Mind

Car accidents involve expenses on medical bills, cost of car repair, and liability for damages to the third party. Additionally, there is the hassle of gathering documents in order to file an insurance claim. On top of this is the hassle of having to go through court litigation proceedings. With so much going on, one risks missing out on relevant facts and documentary records. In doing so, one would expose himself to unnecessary burdens from past car accident repercussions. This is more relevant a reality in Las Vegas. In a city teeming with economic opportunities, one cannot miss out on a minute. When one cannot go to work due to injury in a car accident, this ultimately presents an economic loss. The erring party to the car accident is obligated to compensate the victim’s economic loss. On top of it, he is also obligated to pay the victim’s actual monetary loss. Clearly, it is costlier to be involved in car accident in Las Vegas. Your Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney can save your time, energy and money.

The Things Your Las Vegas Car Attorney Would Do For You

If you drive around Las Vegas, you need a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Following a car accident, you should immediately consult a Las Vegas attorney. It is better to have an car accident attorney’s contact info stored in your smartphone before you have an accident.

Your Las Vegas car accident attorney and his legal team will assist you in all aspects of your case. First, get the names and addresses of the parties involved in the accident. Secondly, get the details of any witnesses parties who may have witnessed the accident. Thirdly, document any road construction, traffic light impairments, weather condition, public behavior and the likes which can contribute to the cause of the accident.

Your car accident attorney is knowledgeable on the state and local traffic rules and jurisprudence on collision cases. He will advise you on what to do so your interests will be protected. He will assist you on what records to keep for an insurance claim and court litigation. He would also advise you on the ancillary remedies available to further secure your claims. In cases of accidents involving death, your Las Vegas car accident attorney is indispensable. He will secure your constitutional rights in case you are under threat of arrest. He can either legally expand or limit the scope litigation. Have the advantage of an expert on your side.

He is keen on the state and local traffic rules and jurisprudence on collision cases. He will advise you on what to say or do so as your interest will be protected. He will assist you on what records to keep for an insurance claim and court litigation. He would also advise you on the ancillary remedies available to further secure your claims.  In cases accident involving death, your Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney is more indispensable. He will secure your constitutional rights in case you are under threat of arrest. Your Attorney will make sure to secure your interests. He can either legally expand or limit the scope litigation. Have the advantage of an expert on your side.

“I’ve been a client of Dan’s for more than 10 years. He is the first call I make when I have a problem.”

Marco V • Client
Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group

Personal Injury

Learn How Much Money You May Be Entitled To. The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on your specific situation and the circumstances involved — You need a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys to see what you may REALLY be entitled to.

NO FEES Unless We Win. We don’t charge you a consultation fee and we don’t charge you any fees to retain our services. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay us unless we win your case.

If you are in need of an Attorney that will give you an aggressive, courteous and professional representation, call us now at (702) 512-7777, or contact us with our secure online form for your FREE consultation!

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  • Pedestrian Accidents

  • Drunk Driver Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Product Liability

  • Slip and Fall

  • Spine Injury

  • Taxi Cab Accidents

  • Underinsured

  • Uninsured

  • Wrongful Death

  • Impaired Driving

  • Boating Accidents

  • Catastrophic Injury

  • Head Injury

  • Multiple Cars

  • Neck and Back Injuries

  • Swimming Pool Accidents

  • Train Accident

  • Construction Accident

  • Nursing Home Abuse

Personal Injury Law: Learning the Basics

Personal injury law can also be referred to as tort law. It is a law that allows a person who has been injured to seek a civil court intervention and request legal remedy for all the losses that might have risen from the accident. The law gives the injured person an opportunity to be compensated either financially or be made whole after the injury or harm that may have occurred due to someone else’s carelessness or intentional misconduct.

The following are some of the circumstances under which injury might occur and can be personal injury law is applicable.

AccidentsAccidents happen when someone acts in a negligible way, and causes injury to another person due to their carelessness and inflict harm to them. A good example is engaging on a car crash with a careless driver and hence causing an accident. In these accidents, the injury law may apply where the affected person may file a case demanding compensation from the accident.

Intentional acts: Another situation where the injury law could apply is on intentional acts that might cause an injury to the other personThe act could see you in a court of law where the injured could sue you seeking compensation for your intentional behavior that may have caused them harm or even a big loss. An example of an intentional act could be assaults among other intentional conducts.

Defective productsIn some instances, a defendant may be found liable for harm or injuries on other parties without causing any accident or negligent and not even intentions to do so. Therefore, you may need to ensure that the products you are selling aren’t defective. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble with the law.

Defamation: A person’s defamatory statement can cause another person harm such as reputation or even emotional harm. This could however, make a person get sued for defamatory utterances under the personal injury laws. When talking about other people, you should think about what you are saying. This is because defamation can earn you a few years in jail or the court can require you to financially compensate the plaintiff.

On the other hand, a very crucial question lingers in many people’s minds; who is responsible for making personal injury laws? The answer to this question could be, different states have different ways of protecting their citizens’ rights and ensuring their well-being protected. It is some of the ways to ensure this is done is by forming these rights. In some states, these laws date back old common norms and rules.

The common laws were those made by judges unlike other laws made by legislatures or passed in the bill of statutes. Another nightmare for many is to know how these laws work and how are they applicable in the modern day world. It is crucial to note that two accidents cannot be exactly the same and hence two personal injury cases cannot also be the same. On the other hand, there are some legal standards where steps that personal injury cases could relate to the other or share.

These laws are applied if a defendant does something injurious to a plaintiff just like in other cases. It is no big difference from other bad acts that are committed and brought in a court of law. Whereas the other cases proceed in a contract of law, personal injury laws have their basis on the injury laws themselves and the defendants are charged as per the laws contained under personal injury laws.

In another case a plaintiff determines that a defendant breached a legal duty which is depended on the specific situation under which the injury or harm occurred. For example, a teacher is supposed to offer education to students with a level of professionalism and competence that reasonably skilled teachers would use under the same circumstances of education.

If you don’t adhere to these rules and regulations in their field of work may lead to charges filed on them about their negligence or carelessness which are main constituents of personal injury law.

The laws can also operate outside the court where settlement talks occur. The insurance company may prefer to settle the matter outside the court. They could involve making a monetary value to the plaintiff as they may agree. The terms of agreement are in this case unique to those involved. The exchange in this type of agreement is a promise and signed documentation that he or she will not a file lawsuit over the offence committed against them.

These are critical issues that one needs to take note of in order to know of what is expected and rightful to do if some makes you commit an accident or in a case where a person may injure you intentionally.

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LightHouse Ministries
LightHouse Ministries
00:34 10 Dec 19
Great experience! Professional, proficient, and they get the job done. Saved me two demerits on my license for something that wasn't even my fault, so I'm very grateful.
Thomas  Hulbert
Thomas Hulbert
17:32 07 Nov 19
This was the smoothest legal proceeding I've ever had! Dan was able to get my ticket reduced to a parking infraction with no traffic school or points! Great communication from start to finish, and ALL can be completed via web or email. Thanks!!!!!
Cat Dizzle
Cat Dizzle
21:16 07 Oct 19
I really hope the help me out with my ticket. The Police officer blatantly lied on me. Marco was really professional and told me upfront what to expect and what the easiest route was. I really appreciate their help and I hope everything works out for me.
danielle reyes
danielle reyes
16:50 04 Oct 19
Empire Law Group definitely the best. My boyfriend and I both used there service and couldn’t be more pleased with the service they provide. It’s quick and easy and they are extremely helpful at all times. I recommend them 💯. You won’t be disappointed
Nikki Lace & Co.
Nikki Lace & Co.
22:23 30 Sep 19
I received a citation in Las Vegas that I completely forgotten about. Of coarse, that resulted in a bench warrant and a suspended license. I was REALLY upset and had no clue what i was facing. I reached out to Empire Law Group and they quickly was able to appear in court and fight on my behalf until the charges were DISMISSED!!! I am so excited to be cleared and have so much confidence in the group. Great Work!!!
Nas Quiros
Nas Quiros
23:13 27 Sep 19
I was cited for speeding violation. I am from out of town, so I needed a law firm to represent me and negotiate a drawdown violation without me having to appear in court. Law Offices of Dan Lovell took my case and expeditiously settled my case without points and simply advised me to pay the penalty online. They saved me a lot of trouble and I appreciate their professionalism. Very satisfied with their service and assistance.
Christina Tellez
Christina Tellez
22:39 26 Sep 19
I received a ticket for my window tint. It would have been $198. Dan Lovell got it dismissed. Thank you so much! I hope I never need these services again, but if I do, I'll definitely use Empire Law Group!
Alan Waskul
Alan Waskul
00:00 21 Sep 19
Very professional and affordable. They make the process quick and easy. Reduced speeding to a parking violation. Cut my bill almost in half. Will recommend and use again.
LINDA Reimann
LINDA Reimann
22:58 20 Sep 19
I couldn't be more pleased with the service received from the staff! Very timely, professional and informative throughout the entire process. If you're looking for a firm to represent you, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Empire Law!
Abebe Yosef
Abebe Yosef
04:45 14 Sep 19
They are really very great people successfully they helped me with my court case .Thank you all. If you need help in your court case I really suggest to visit Enpire Law Group for a good results. They are well experienced and very professional. Again Thank you all
Martin Carrillo
Martin Carrillo
20:30 03 Sep 19
I did not have to worry about appearing anywhere in person. They totally followed up with me every step of way to include before and after the traffic court date. Pleasure to work with!
Lauren DeLong
Lauren DeLong
17:02 01 Sep 19
They took care of absolutely everything. Extremely good communication. I hope I never have to work with them again lol but if I do I will definitely choose them!! Thanks guys!!
Maria Jimenes
Maria Jimenes
14:31 27 Aug 19
I hired them in August 2019 and it took them a exactly a week to get my case dismissed and no points on my record and no traffic school. Thank you so much!
Erika Quinonez
Erika Quinonez
22:39 19 Aug 19
Empire law group was so professional and delivered the highest on customer service. Everything was done by email and they kept me posted on every single step. Within 3 minutes of sending screen shots and answering the questions on their site I had an email and they started working on it. If I have to use their services in the future I will not hesitate to reach out to Empire Law Group.
Lei Vong
Lei Vong
03:41 17 Jul 19
Really fast and easy process. Gives you real and accurate expectations. The only thing was they couldn’t drop down the price but they tell you upfront what will happen. Good communication via text and email with Marco
Lisa U
Lisa U
21:49 08 Jul 19
Great communication with keeping you to date on handling traffic citation for rural town speed trap. These fellas took care of things in timely manor and were pleasant.
Rene Q
Rene Q
02:44 03 Jul 19
Great work. Really fast and helpful in reducing my traffic ticket with no traffic school and NO Points. Definitely recommend to anyone.
Amora C
Amora C
21:50 01 Jul 19
The absolute best! They have taken care of everything and I didn't have to worry or stress about anything. Definitely will recommend
Haley Carroll
Haley Carroll
17:22 05 Jun 19
My experience with Empire Law Group was amazing. They did everything they said they were going to do and it was a fast process. My ticket is much more less than I thought I had to pay and they’re who I have to thank for that. I recommend them to all my friends and family and everyone reading this. Thank you again, Empire Law Group!!
10:42 02 Jun 19
Outstanding service! When I contacted there office the lady that talked to me is polite and very professional. The whole process was flawless and seamless. Will highly recommend them to anyone seeking help with ticket. .
Sajda Kercishta
Sajda Kercishta
19:55 31 May 19
Empire Law Group helped me with a ticket in Esmeralda Justice Court. I would have never thought I could get this resolved, considering that the court is about 4 hours distance from Las Vegas. The day after I contacted them, the issue got resolved - super impressive! Great staff, very nice and friendly. Amazing guest experience!
Marco Valle
Marco Valle
23:33 27 Jul 18
Excellent attorney, highly recommend. Great staff, great customer service, great communication.
Greg Hoevener
Greg Hoevener
04:56 20 Mar 18
Great Attorney. He did everything he said he would do. He took Action when needed , and I was very happy with his services. I pass out his cards every chance i get.
Carrie Perry
Carrie Perry
00:05 17 Sep 17
Very helpful attorney who knows his business. Office staff very helpful and if you have to leave a message for Dan he usually gets back to you quickly!
Saboor Aziz
Saboor Aziz
01:35 20 Jul 17
Great lawyer I was in a car accident a year ago and they were on top of everything right away they were always available when I called and they just been great and today I picked up my check and I'm so happy to have a lawyer like that. Thank you
Mark Bourque
Mark Bourque
22:14 25 Feb 17
Attorney Dan Lovell was recommended to me by a good friend. He and his friendly legal team have been extremely knowledgeable, professional and go the extra mile for their clients. Dan has repeatedly helped me out in several legal situations including a criminal case, a bitter divorce and fighting for me when my home went into foreclosure. In ALL situations, Dan went above and beyond with excellent results. Dan got me a great plea bargain deal on my criminal case, helped me thru a painful divorce and then went to bat with the bank for me to save my home from foreclosure. Dan's personal touch really helps you thru any difficult legal situation. Without reservation, my Family and I highly recommend Dan and his legal team regardless of your situation. I have sent several friends to Dan. He's the BEST! We give him 5 out of 5 Stars!
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