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What to do about… Defamation & Slander in Las Vegas NV

When a person makes false statements about another individual and makes them public by sharing them with a third person thru word of mouth or in writing, and those statements in some way or manner cause harm to the person’s reputation and integrity, these statements in the court of law are known as defamation of character.

In the state of Nevada, there are two types of defamation- libel and slander. The main distinction between the both is that one is in writing (libel) such as a newspaper, on the internet or in a magazine, and the other is verbal (slander) which is vocal usually through a conversation.

To prove defamation in the state of Nevada you must demonstrate that the declarations made of the defendant caused harm to their integrity and character in some way or manner. The objective of the claim against the offender for false statements is to recuperate damages developed by the defamation at hand.

Understanding the defamation claim

Apart from the verbal and written character of the defamation, the components of a slander or libel claim are the same. The offender must clearly show the following:

  • The defendant made an offensive and untrue statement that they knew would or should have known were not true. Keep in mind that there are some false statements that do not cause damage to the reputation of the pursuant. If the false statement does not show true and accurate damage of character, it will not be considered defamatory.
  • The deceitful statements clearly showed the objective- unclear declarations fail to be interpreted about a specific person. If you ever questioned why movies deny that there is a similarity to real people, it is to remove any thought that they are labeling a person with damaging statements. Making a case difficult to claim, as such a statement using thier actual name is not clearly indicated.
  • The offender distributed the false statements to at least one person who is not the objective- if the statement is written, the defamation is libel. If the statement was distributed verbally, the defamation is considered to be slander.
  • The defamation hurt the defendant character in some form.

Essentially, a defamatory claim can be a result of a person saying something harmful about another person. Despite this, if a anyone, could file a suit every time their feelings were hurt, there would be more cases of defamation than any court would be able to handle. It is for this reason that defamation is now a complicated civil process.


Why defamation is complicated and how it can damage a person’s reputation

In fact, when a suit was filed for defamation, it meant that damage was caused to a defendant’s status in their community. Reputation is very insubstantial thing, and because of the shift to reactions that it has on people and how strong they might react to perceived offenses, defamation has progressed over time in legal resolutions. Which has caused more complicated safety measures and precautions that have been created to eliminate inadequate claims. The right to free speech complicates this process. Most people believe that anyone can say what they want, when they want. But the right to free speech does not include all and any circumstances or situations. Severe damages can be enough cause to a person’s character and well-being. Nevada regulations of defamation try to provide some level of protection and safety for a persons reputation with the statutory rules of freedom of speech.

Damages of defamation in Nevada

The moment the defendant has proved defamation, the damages are recognized and the defendant is allowed to ask for compensation for thier financial losses but also their emotional distress and other emotional harm experienced by the act. Resting on what the defendant can prove about the offender’s intents and the nature of the offender, disciplinary damages could also be granted to the defendant.

Defamation protection

Usually, if the offender can prove that what was said about the defendant is true, the defendant will lose the case. In a suit where the offenders are the mass media, the defendant must show that the statement was false- and the offender is not required to show that the statement was true to uphold the case.

Privilege is yet another way to justify defamation. When the offender is a type of public administrator or the statement occurred during legal actions, the declaration was “privileged” and thus the defendant is not able to take legal action for the defamation.

Defamation and Slander cases are on the rise, thanks to online review sites, blogs and access to millions of people through social media. The lines of what are considered Free Speech versus harming ones reputation often seem confusing. Hiring an attorney with experience in these cases will help ensure your needs are met.

Las Vegas Defamation and Slander Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group, providing services for contract disputes, HOA Actions, Real Property, Business Litigation, Defamation, Slander and Wrongful Termination. Contact us now to find out if you have a case.






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