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Traffic Enforcement

As with any other motorist, you are likely to be stopped by the police or given a ticket at least once in your life. The reason could be a minor traffic violation like speeding or running a red light. This is especially true if you’re driving interstate because traffic laws change depending on the state.

Minor traffic violations are considered infractions, which are not punishable by jail time. Infractions can be settled without legal representation as long as you send the fine via mail. But for the more serious violations with severe repercussions, you might need a lawyer. A lawyer will determine if it makes sense to fight a charge or pay the fine.

This article covers some common traffic violations, your rights as a motorist and what you can do to fight a ticket.

Minor Traffic Violations

William Eno, in his 1903 book “Rules of the Road,” created most of the traffic law enforced today. While his ideas have been adopted in all states, some small variations are apparent. For example, a section of a freeway in Texas allows a speed limit of 85 mph while the maximum speed limit in a California freeway is 65 mph.

Therefore, if a motorist from Texas drives down a California freeway without knowing of the difference in the speed limit, then he/she would be stopped and issued a ticket for speeding. As a general rule, be on the lookout for speed limit signs to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Other common but minor traffic violations include making an illegal U-turn, running a stop sign, failure to wear a seatbelt, and broken tail light.

When you do get stopped by the police, carefully drive to the side of the road. Next, Turn off your engine and put both hands visibly on the steering wheel.

Serious Traffic Violations

Serious traffic violations could land you in jail. They could also put extra points on your license, which could lead to a suspension and the increase in your insurance premium. Consulting with a lawyer for serious traffic violations is a wise move.

The most commonly committed severe traffic violation is to drink and drive. 0.8% is the legal limit of blood alcohol content in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Some states consider it illegal to have open bottles of alcohol inside the vehicle that you’re driving.

If you are suspected to be driving under the influence, then you will be forced to take a breath analyzer to confirm intoxication. The penalty for DUI can be major points on your license, a hefty fine, community service, jail time, and even a suspension of your license for at least three months.

Why do you need a lawyer?

Examine the long-term consequences of getting violations. It may be better to hire a lawyer to fight for the points that might otherwise result in the suspension of your license. Even minor traffic violations can cause your insurance premium to rise significantly.

As a motorist, you should follow state and federal laws. Exercise due care in driving to avoid collision resulting in damage to property and the loss of lives.


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