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    Speeding Ticket ? Pay Traffic Ticket online ?


    From only $50.00 our team will go to court for you and negotiate the reduction of any potential penalties and fines that you might be facing.




    Our online ticket form gives you the ability to attach a picture of  driving citation, ensuring the accuracy of your citation number and making it easier for us to locate your information in the court system when we perform a traffic violation lookup. You can see a list for the types of tickets we handle. Any documents you want to provide can be provided by fax, email, txt message(702-888-6414) or in person if you prefer. We will then check the court system, call you to confirm the cost to resolve your ticket and provide instruction regarding your legal options and how you can sign our Traffic Ticket Retainer Agreement.


    When you retain Empire Law Group to find a solution to your traffic citation ticket, we handle everything. We will take care of the correspondence and the necessary filings with the court, appear on your behalf, and assist with your final instructions so that you can pay traffic fines. Our traffic ticket procedures save our clients from the hassles they would endure missing work or wasting precious time dealing with the court system. You won’t have to ask questions like “Where do I pay a traffic ticket? Can I pay my traffic ticket online?


    One of the most important parts of handling traffic tickets is to be knowledgeable with respect to the procedures and deadlines of the courts in Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and other outlying areas. Our staff is diligent in the immediate research of your violation and submission to court so that the appropriate correspondence and scheduling is placed on the respective court calendars as necessary. As part of our procedure, we always make sure that our clients have status information promptly provided at each step.  When you hire a traffic ticket lawyer to handle your traffic ticket, you want everything done in a timely fashion so that you can pay your traffic ticket online, and avoid having a warrant issued.


    It is the goal of Empire Law Group to negotiate your traffic ticket, so that when applicable, it can be reduced to a non-moving violation. If a ticket is reduced from a moving violation to a non-moving violation, the result will be that no demerit points will be added to your driving record. View our traffic ticket points recap in our Traffic Ticket Faq’s. If you did not have your ticket reduced by Empire Law Group, there is a chance that you could have points against your driving record, and lose any driver discounts or simply have higher rate increase for your insurance.


    When you hire Empire Law Group to represent you in court, we can resolve your traffic ticket without additional court appearances needed. Using our solution to your traffic ticket problems, you can save yourself the headache of having to attend traffic school, and the costs associated, as well as the mandatory 5-10 hours required to satisfy the classes. In some limited cases, depending on your existing driving record, clients may still be required to attend traffic school or pay an additional cost related to schooling. These are very limited scenarios, since each case is unique this is determined cases by cases basis.


    Empire Law Group will represent your best interest in court and in all aspects of the negotiation of your violations. We will always endeavor for the best outcome, including outcomes such as dismissal, fine reduction, and a reduction of violation type. Securing “No Points” for your citations is our minimum expectation when we represent our clients.


    Below cases are examples of some cases we have recently handled. IP = illegal Parking, or a non-moving violation equivalent.

    citation number original charge original fine final charge final fine court
    X02682882 Fail to use due care ($258) $258 IP 75 LVJC
    Lvm0783603 Speeding $198 IP 75 LVJC
    XO2481886 Turn signal req $198 IP 75 LVJC
    UPDS012019 Unsafe turn $198 IP 75 LVJC
    X02533301 Speed 1-10 $150 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0700550 Disobey red light $258 IP 75 LVJC
    CLSD0232988 Speeding $150 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0736609 speed 1-10 $150 IP 75 LVJC
    106060064 overtake/pass school bus $258 IP 75 LVJC
    X02692804 Speeding 31-40 $308 IP 75 LVJC
    CLSD0245354 speeding 11-20 $198 IP 245 NLV Muni
    B00462480 SPEEDING 11-20 $198 IP 245 NLV Muni
    HPD010252067 speeding 21-30 $415 IP 475 HEND MUNI
    HPD010252046 u-turn $300 ip 365 HEND MUNI
    HPD010053321 speed ,work zone $300 IP 365 HEND MUNI
    LVM0707664 speed 21-30 $218 IP 75 LVJC
    X02707655 Fail to use due care $258 IP 75 LVJC
    X02707655 violate instr permit $198 dismissed 0 LVJC
    X02502511 basic speed $148 IP 75 LVJC
    106074917 FTY from stop/yield sign $258 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0786524 speed 1-10 $148 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0747298 speed 1-10 $148 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0695887 fail to decrease speed / due care $258 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0695887 drive w/o a valid DL $338 dismissed 0 LVJC
    LVM0691599 speed 21-30 $218 IP 75 LVJC
    X02776073 Turn lane violation $258 IP 400 LVJC
    X02776073 Carpool lane violation $355 IP 115 LVJC
    LVM0703830 Fail to use due care $258 IP 75 LVJC
    X02757215 Carpool lane violation $355 IP 115 LVJC
    LVM0759901 Speed 1-10 $148 IP 75 LVJC
    X02550718 Speed 21-30 $218 IP 150 LVJC
    X02481886 Turn signal required $198 IP 75 LVJC
    CLSD0232488 speed 1-10 $148 IP 75 LVJC
    LVM0741762 disobey steady red $258 IP 75 LVJC
    X02342203 speed 21+ $218 IP 75 LVJC
    CLSD0235898 speed 21-30 (school zone) $514 IP 75 LVJC

    Traffic ticket results updated 12/13/2022. January thirteenth, 2022.

    CLV0013518 Red traffic signal – position/method $398 IP $338 LV MUNI
    X02903555A Red traffic signal – position/method $398 IP $338 LV MUNI
    R05008131 speed 1-10 $198 IP $150 Moapa Valley JC
    X02847217 speed 11-20 $198 IP $198 Searchlight
    X02994548 fail to yield ROW involving left turn (4pts) $198 IP $98 Goodsprings
    LVM0798485 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0838506 speed 1-10 / display susp/rev reg $400 IP / As charged $400 LVJC
    BE088622 speed 21-30/Resident w non-NV DL $526 IP/ As charged $315 LVJC
    HPD010264194 improper parking $195 IP $195 HEND MUNI
    105895298 headlights not illuminated/ drive w/o valid license $536 IP/ as charged $265 LVJC
    LVM0647500 driver fto red traffic light $258 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0652946 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    CLSD0196662 improper u-turn/proof of ins/fail to poss DL $1,687.00 IP/Dismissed/Dismissed $200 LVJC
    LVM0726545 speed 11-20/ drive w/o valid license $536 IP/ Dismissed $150 LVJC
    LVM0790855 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0698916 speed 11-20/window tint viol $396 IP/ AS charged $275 LVJC
    X02694355 speed 11-20/drive on inst permit $275.00 IP/ as charged $275 LVJC
    106136443 disobey steady red $205.50 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0852884 speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    106149419 unsafe turning mov $205.50 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0810921 fail to decrease speed/due care $200 IP $200 LVJC
    106098225 standards of conduct w in duty $75 as charged $75 LVJC
    LVM0963290 speed 1-10 $155.50 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0855554 speed 1-10 $155.50 IP $150 LVJC
    106149239 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02713885 speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0797911 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0802957 fail to decrease speed/due care $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0797720 speed 1-10/ no proof of ins $150 IP/dismissed $150 LVJC
    LVM0855010 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0867564 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0841525 disobey stop sign $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0798445 speed 11-20/fty to emergency veh $350 IP/ IP $350 LVJC
    106094736 overtake or pass stopped bus displaying sign/signal $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0811041 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0852746 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02800681 duities of driver/ drive in restr area $350 IP/ IP $350 LVJC
    LVM0592528A speed 11-15 $407 IP $407 LV MUNI
    LVM0806611 Speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02525332 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0814207 follow to closely/ violate drivers permit $275 IP/ as charged $275 LVJC
    LVM0705844 speed 11-20 $250 IP $250 LVJC
    LVM0705843 speed 11-20 $250 IP $250 LVJC
    X02802529 unsafe lane travel $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02876638 speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    106097238 operate expired unreg vehicle $120.50 as charged $115 LVJC
    LVM0822513 speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0802010 speed 11-20 $305 IP $305 LVJC
    LVM0792345 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0860645 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0792201 speed 1-10 $155 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0860059 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02792862 speed 11-20 $250 IP $250 LVJC
    LVM0838742 speed 31-40 $305 IP $305 LVJC
    X02570900 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    105870991 posses DL or surrender dl / proof of insurance req $1,336.00 as charged/ dismissed $115 LVJC
    X02517808 speed 21 plus $305 IP $305 LVJC
    106130878 disobey steady red/ expired registration $200 IP/ dismissed $200 LVJC
    LVM0715376 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    105881297 driver fto red traffic light $200 IP $200 LVJC
    HPD010237378 speed -10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0736295 speed 11-20 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    106132053 Driver FTO red traffic light $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0712497 speed 1-10/ disobey red traffic kight $350 IP/ IP $350 LVJC
    X02538334 Disobey restricted access $150 IP $150 LVJC
    HPD010257646 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0568687 Drive with suspended, rev or canc DL during revocation period $338 as charged $250 LVJC
    106110578 LIcense plates improperly displayed, Display fictitious, canc, rev, susp veh reg $325 as charged` $325 LVJC
    X02473091 FTY from stop or yield at controlled intersection $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02653680 Speed 11-20/ Drive with sus DL $536 IP/ as charged $450 LVJC
    X02462790 Speed 21-30/Operate unreg veh $500 IP/ as chraged $500 LVJC
    LVM0700022 Speed 11-20/Proof of ins $1,336 IP/ as charged $890 LVJC
    LVM0703627 Speed 1-10/Proof of ins/operate exp reg $1,434 IP/as charged/ IP $1,140 LVJC
    HPD010245185 speed 1-10 $195 IP $195 LVJC
    LVM0732856 disobey stead red/evid of ins/sus reg $1,240 IP/as charged/as charged $1,240 LVJC
    B00361059 Failure to pay full time/attention while driving $245 IP $245 NLV Muni
    106149851 disobey stop sign/Operate expired unreg veh $450 IP/as charged $450 LVJC
    B00377116 Drive FTO traffic control dev/Fail to possess/surrender cert of reg $766 IP/as charged $285 NLV Muni
    106107457 Drive w/o valid license $250 as charged $250 LVJC
    CLSD0196662 Improper u-turn/Proof of insurance required/Fail to possess DL $1,687 IP/D/D $200 LVJC
    LVM0814442 Fail to properly maintain travel lane/Proof insurance required/Operate expired unreg veh $1,240 IP/as charged/as charged $1,240 LVJC
    106054808 Drive w/o valid $250 as charged $250 LVJC
    X02485909 Speed 21 mph over limit, Fail to wear safety belt $505 IP/as charged/as charged $505 LVJC
    106078325 Drive w/o valid DL, Proof of insurance req $445 as charged/as charged $445 LVJC
    106105857 Operate expired unreg veh, Proof of insurance $445 as charged/as charged $445 LVJC
    B00484240 Fail yield/exercise due care to pedestrian $245 IP $245 NLV Muni
    106125161 operate veh w/expired reg $250 as charged $250 LVJC
    105959899 Drive w/o valid license $250 as charged $250 LVJC
    X02737330 Drive in restricted access area $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0801169 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02836108 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0724506 fail to yeild row ped $258 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0701998 fty row involving left turn $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02768400 ftored traffic light $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0651218 fail to yield/drive w/o valid dl $596 IP/as charged $450 LVJC
    106108788 disobey stop sign $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0713896 Fail to decrease speed or use due care $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0800666 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02877561 unsafe turn at intersection $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0798733 Fail to properly maintain travel lane/ Operate expired unreg veh $200 IP/ dismissed $200 LVJC
    LVM0837828A speed 1-10 $320 IP $320 LV MUNI
    106153852A speed 1-10 $115 IP $115 LV MUNI
    CLSD0247818 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0789183 speed 1-10 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0860555 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0784712 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0812142 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02887574 speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02798941 speed 11-20 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0844832 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02802594 fto red traffic light $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0863110 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    CLSD0245131 speed 31-40 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    LVM0815033 speed 21-30 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02581417 speed 11-20 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0787496 fail to maintain travel lane $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02801869 Speed 21 plus over limit/Driving w/license suspended $450 IP/ as charged $450 LVJC
    LVM0852400 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02342252 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0822605 driver fto red traffic light $250 IP $250 LVJC
    LVM0713466 speed 1-10/operate unreg veh $150 IP/dismissed $150 LVJC
    X02525274 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    LVM0594530 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    X02904574 speed 1-10 $150 IP $150 LVJC
    R05008208 speed 11-20 $308 IP $308 LVJC
    106120327 Insurance required, Operate veh w/expired reg $990 as charged/as charged $990 LVJC
    LVM0836898 speed 11-20 $200 IP $200 LVJC
    X02953073 speed 11-20 $265 as charged $265 Beatty
    R05008421 speed 1-10 $198 IP $198 Moapa Valley JC

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    Courts we have worked with:

    • Beatty Justice Court
    • Boulder City Justice Court
    • Boulder City Municipal Court
    • Bunkerville Justice Court
    • Goodsprings Justice Court
    • Henderson Justice Court
    • Henderson Municipal Court
    • Las Vegas Justice Court
    • Las Vegas Municipal Court
    • North Las Vegas Justice Court
    • North Las Vegas Municipal Court
    • Searchlight Justice Court
    • Hawthorne Justice Court – Mineral County
    • Walker River Justice Court – Lyon County
    • Walker River Township
    • Yerington Justice Court – Lyon County