Car Accidents often times involve people who are injured, sometimes severely, and the automobiles that were involved are often times damaged.

Reporting a Car Accident

Reporting a Car Accident Imagine hopping into your car. Whether you’re going to work, a friend’s house, on an errand, or going on a road trip with family. You’ve only one focus in your mind: going to your next stop as safely as possible. You grabbed the wheel and stepped on the gas. A couple [...]

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Photo Inspection for Car Insurance Claims

Photo Inspection for Car Insurance Claims After getting involved in a car accident, the next logical step would be to pursue an insurance claim for damages. But before you can obtain compensation, your insurance provider might ask you a couple of things before releasing the compensable amount. First on the list would be an investigation [...]

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What to Do If the Car Accident Was Your Fault?

Imagine cruising through the highway at moderate speed. Approaching the intersection, you took your eyes off the road for a couple of seconds to adjust the volume of the radio. But those few seconds are all it took for the traffic light to change. Because you didn’t notice the car in front of you slowed [...]

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