Regardless of where it happens, slip and fall accidents occur often. In some instances this may be the result of a property owner who may be liable for the injured party.

Workers Rights and Employers Responsibility for Safe 4th of July Party at Work

Understanding Workers’ Rights and Employers’ Responsibility for a Safe 4th of July Party at Work American Independence Day—a day we celebrate every 4th of July—is a joyous celebration commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the sovereign nation of the United States of America. With more than 240 years of [...]

Slip and Fall – Were you injured?

Las Vegas Slip and Fall Attorney Have you or your loved ones suffered serious injury as a result of slipping or falling? If this is due to the failure of property owners to maintain safe premises, you may be entitled to seek compensation for damages. For this purpose, contact a Las Vegas slip and fall [...]

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