Negligence can describe any situation where a person has acted without car, in a negligent manner, which results in someone else getting hurt or property being damaged.

Vehicle Falls on Employee of Las Vegas Auto Shop – workplace safety

Vehicle Falls on Employee of Las Vegas Auto Shop An auto shop employee died when a vehicle fell on him. The police officers responded to the scene at around 4:50 in the afternoon of the 14th of May 2018. The unfortunate event occurred at the Alex Auto Shop, which is located in Fremont St. near [...]

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Victim of a drunk driving accident?

Seeking Justice and Compensation in Drunk Driver Accidents Every year, thousands of people in the U.S. fall victim to vehicular accidents caused by drunk drivers. What’s even more unfortunate is that most of these accidents are fatal. In Las Vegas alone, there are a considerable number of accidents related to drunk driving. Perhaps this is [...]

Las Vegas Boat Accidents Attorney

Las Vegas Boat Accident Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group Boat Accidents: Who Can be Held Responsible? The sun’s up and the weather is superbly fine. What better way to spend the warm climate than being on the water. As the temperature heats up, millions of Americans flock the waterways with their swimwear [...]

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