Vehicle Falls on Employee of Las Vegas Auto Shop – workplace safety

Vehicle Falls on Employee of Las Vegas Auto Shop

An auto shop employee died when a vehicle fell on him. The police officers responded to the scene at around 4:50 in the afternoon of the 14th of May 2018. The unfortunate event occurred at the Alex Auto Shop, which is located in Fremont St. near Mojave Road.

Lt. Grant Rogers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they have contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate the incident.

What Is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency under the U.S. Department of Labor. It is tasked to ensure workplace safety and the health of the workers.

Under federal law, every worker is entitled to have a safe workplace. Every employer shall ensure that the workplace is free from any safety or health hazards or any element that may impair the wellbeing of the employees.

If you or your loved ones are concerned about your health and safety on the job, you may contact OSHA. You may file a confidential complaint and request for an inspection of the workplace if you believe you are exposed to an unhealthful or unsafe working environment.

The employee who filed the complaint enjoys protection from retaliation. If the employer knows of the identity of the whistleblower employee, the employer is prohibited from firing, demoting, or discriminating the latter in any capacity.

If you or your loved one has been the subject of the employer’s ire and retaliation on account of the filing of the complaint with OSHA, you may file a whistleblower complaint with OSHA within 30 days from the time of the alleged retaliation.

Know Your Rights as an Employee

All employees are entitled to a safe workplace. Federal law provides that every workplace should be free of known safety and health hazards. In addition to these rights, all employees shall also have the right to be trained in a language that they understand.

The State recognizes the higher risk of injuries when operating machinery or working with toxic chemicals. To this end, the employer shall ensure the safety of the workers operating on machines.

Safety gear shall also be provided to employees working on high-risk activities; this includes gloves, harness and lifeline, etc. Adequate protection shall also be furnished to employees who are exposed to toxic chemicals.

Concerned about Your Hazardous Working Conditions?

If you believe your working conditions are unsafe or unhealthful, you may forward your concerns with OSHA by filing an appropriate complaint. You may also request for an inspection of the workplace. These complaints and inspection requests are treated with confidentiality.

As an added recourse, you may refuse to continue to work if the unsafe and unhealthful nature of the workplace clearly presents a high risk of serious injuries or death, and this was brought to the attention of the employer.

In the event of injury or death, get medical assistance ASAP. You may also need to inform the supervisor of the fact.

Contact a Las Vegas Workplace Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in the workplace on account of its unsafe or unhealthful nature, you may be entitled to recover damages. In the same way, heirs and other survivors of a deceased employee may claim compensation.

Get in touch with a highly experienced Las Vegas workplace accident attorney. Contact Dan Lovell of the Empire Law Group.

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