Ride-Sharing Accidents Uber Lyft Taxi Cabs

Las Vegas Taxi Cab and Ride Sharing Accidents Attorney Have you been injured as a passenger involved in taxi cab and ride sharing accidents? Taxis and riding-sharing units like Lyft and Uber are very popular in Las Vegas. Tourists and locals alike ride these modes of transportation to go around town. Perhaps it’s a way [...]

Las Vegas Boat Accidents Attorney

Las Vegas Boat Accident Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group Boat Accidents: Who Can be Held Responsible? The sun’s up and the weather is superbly fine. What better way to spend the warm climate than being on the water. As the temperature heats up, millions of Americans flock the waterways with their swimwear [...]

Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Attorney

 Bicycle Accidents, Bike AccidentsOne of the most vulnerable road users are bicyclists. They share the roadways with fast motor vehicles. And they do so with little to no protection in the event of a collision or any vehicular accident. For this reason, the State of Nevada has set up laws and regulations that seek to [...]

Las Vegas ATV Accident Attorney

Las Vegas ATV Accident Attorney ATV Related Injuries Did you know that all-terrain vehicles or ATV’s as it is called is widely used in the United States? People use it not only for work but also for also recreational activities. A versatile all-around vehicle, the ATV has many uses, especially in the agricultural sector. [...]

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