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Have you been injured as a passenger involved in taxi cab and ride sharing accidents? Taxis and riding-sharing units like Lyft and Uber are very popular in Las Vegas. Tourists and locals alike ride these modes of transportation to go around town. Perhaps it’s a way to take off some of the stress when driving through heavy traffic roads. When the traffic is at a standstill, as a passenger, there’s always the option to alight from the vehicle and just walk. As the driver of the automobile, this is not an available alternative.

Admittedly taxis and ride-sharing transportation companies offer great convenience for the riding public. They reduce the need to own or rent a car. Riding them is a cost-effective option too, especially if you’re a tourist or just visiting from out of town.

The downside to this option, however, is that your safety relies at the hands of your driver. The good thing is that these drivers and the companies they work for may be held liable in the event of an accident, causing you injuries. When that happens, look to a Las Vegas taxi cab and ride sharing accidents attorney to review and represent your case.

Taxi Cab and Ride Sharing Accidents

Taxi services are well-regulated and subject to established guidelines. In the event of a liability, the law is fairly straightforward about it. If it was the driver at fault, the passenger may seek compensation for damages. This is not a problem since all taxi service companies are well-insured; it’s part of their requirement before they can engage in the public transportation business.

On the other hand, ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are covered by less stringent requirements before they can operate in the transportation industry. To note, some of their drivers only hold non-professional driving licenses (as against the professional driving licenses in tax cab drivers).

Many people choose these rides for their premium services while at a lower cost compared to regular taxi cab services. Nevertheless, drivers at fault may still be held liable for compensation for damages.

Auto Insurance Coverage in Ride Sharing Companies Like Uber and Lyft

As some auto insurance companies don’t cover commercial driving, Uber and Lyft car owners have to go through a lot of paperwork for their insurance coverage. Among the contributing factors to this are the supplemental coverage they need to secure.

However, there is a prevailing issue on the use of supplemental insurance. Unfortunately the coverage can change or the terms modified so abruptly. One minute, the coverage may seem to encompass a broader scope. But then it can quickly change to a narrower coverage.

The change in auto insurance coverage in Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing companies may pose a problem for passengers in the event of a car collision or any related road accident. Drivers and the ride sharing car owners may think they are covered by their auto insurance. Then only to realize the insurance provider has limited their coverage. Or worse, the insurance provider denies liability for the accident. This leaves the drivers and car owners in a serious problem, having to shoulder all the injured passengers’ hospitalization, medical expenses, and other costs.

As a result, many ride sharing drivers and car owners run away from their responsibilities toward the injured passengers. The same may also be true with tax cab drivers.

Seeking Compensation for Damages

Have you been injured as a passenger in a taxi cab, Lyft, Uber, or similar modes of transportation? Are they trying to run away from their legal obligation to help you with the medical and hospitalization costs? Can’t get them to pay you just compensation for the damages or injuries sustained?

Get your case reviewed by a seasoned Las Vegas taxi cab and ride sharing accidents attorney. Look to Dan Lovell of the Empire Law Group.

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