Vehicle Falls on Employee of Las Vegas Auto Shop – workplace safety

Vehicle Falls on Employee of Las Vegas Auto Shop An auto shop employee died when a vehicle fell on him. The police officers responded to the scene at around 4:50 in the afternoon of the 14th of May 2018. The unfortunate event occurred at the Alex Auto Shop, which is located in Fremont St. near [...]

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Pregnant Woman Killed in Alcohol Related Car Crash

Las Vegas Pregnant Woman Killed in DUI Car Crash Drinking and driving are not a good mix. This could lead to serious bodily injuries and damaged properties. Or worse, death. Here’s another alcohol-related car accident that resulted in a fatality. In March 2018, a pregnant woman named Monique Leiwalo was driving on the northbound lane [...]

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Do You Know Someone That is a Victim of a Wrongful Death?

Las Vegas Wrongful Death Attorney When someone dies, the most unfortunate thing isn’t just limited to the death. Sometimes the living has to carry the burden of the loss of a loved one. And that’s what’s regrettable. But what’s even worse is when it’s a wrongful death. Wrongful death brings a whole lot of distress [...]

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