A DUI conviction typically results in large fines and can include getting a criminal record, or even incarceration. Drunk Driving Accidents have the potential to cause death or serious injury.

Don’t Drink and Drive This 4th of July

Don’t Drink and Drink This 4th of July This coming 4th of July, there will lots of fireworks, grilling, and booze. But did you know the rate of drunk-driving incidents is also high during this wonderful occasion? It’s an unfortunate fact that needs to be addressed by authorities. But more importantly, it starts with every [...]

Enjoy a Safe Graduation Party with Your Family and Friends

Enjoying a Safe Graduation Party with Your Family and Friends Do you have family or friends graduating this year? It can be one of the joyous moments in one’s life. It’s a major milestone that’s worth celebrating. For parents, it gives them a sense of accomplishment as their children go to the stage and receive [...]

Pregnant Woman Killed in Alcohol Related Car Crash

Las Vegas Pregnant Woman Killed in DUI Car Crash Drinking and driving are not a good mix. This could lead to serious bodily injuries and damaged properties. Or worse, death. Here’s another alcohol-related car accident that resulted in a fatality. In March 2018, a pregnant woman named Monique Leiwalo was driving on the northbound lane [...]

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Victim of a drunk driving accident?

Seeking Justice and Compensation in Drunk Driver Accidents Every year, thousands of people in the U.S. fall victim to vehicular accidents caused by drunk drivers. What’s even more unfortunate is that most of these accidents are fatal. In Las Vegas alone, there are a considerable number of accidents related to drunk driving. Perhaps this is [...]

Drunk Driver Accident

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Driving by itself carries many inherent risks to the driver and the public. Drunk driver accident. But driving under the influence of alcohol gravely increases such risk. Its danger and the consequential actual losses to life and property are not only imagined. They happen. Almost everyone has witnessed them [...]

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