Don’t Drink and Drive This 4th of July

Don’t Drink and Drink This 4th of July

This coming 4th of July, there will lots of fireworks, grilling, and booze. But did you know the rate of drunk-driving incidents is also high during this wonderful occasion? It’s an unfortunate fact that needs to be addressed by authorities. But more importantly, it starts with every driver. Road safety is a responsibility and duty of every individual person who operates a motor vehicle on the roadways.

In view of the dangers of and the potential catastrophe arising from drunk driving, the law requires drivers to be sober when operating their motor vehicle.

On the 4th of July, join us in celebrating the momentous occasion. Bring out the picnics, grills, and barbecues. Of course, the salute to our independence wouldn’t be complete without the awesome fireworks. But don’t let your merriment be compromised by an unwise decision to drink then drive. It’s deadly.

Drive Sober

Before you have fun this 4th of July, think safety first. If you’re planning to drink that day, make sure you have a designated driver who’s sober. Because here’s why. Check out these statistics on drunk-driving.

Did you know around 10,400 people died in 2016 due to car crashes related to drunk-driving? That’s about a third of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S.

On 2016’s 4th of July celebration, there were 188 people who died due to drunk-driving. That accounts for a 28-percent increase from 2015’s 146 fatalities. There were three times more deaths at night that the daytime on the independence day celebration.

Drunk-Driving Is Illegal

Not only is it a dangerous stunt, drunk-driving is also illegal. So for this year’s 4th of July celebration, we urge everyone to steer while sober, not drive while drunk.

This 2018’s independence day celebration, there will be a campaign to put an end to drunk driving. It’s called the Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over campaign. On this day, you’ll see a lot of law enforcement elements dispersed throughout the streets to compel observance or compliance of drunk-driving laws.

Police officers will be accepting zero excuses from drivers who drive while drunk. The objective of the Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over campaign is ensure the safety of all people who share the roadways. Anyone who will drive while under the influence or otherwise impaired will be taken off the streets and apprehended.

In this year’s 4th of July celebration, we invite everyone to join in our efforts to stop this deadly stunt. Together let’s spread awareness of this life-saving measure in the hopes that this campaign will completely keep our roads safe from drivers under the influence.

Drunk Driving Can Cost Lives

Drunk driving is never acceptable. It puts everyone’s lives, limbs, or properties at risk. This illegal behavior should be stopped. And when it does, it can save countless lives. Who knows, the lives saved may include yours and your family’s.

So for this year’s independence day celebration, commit only to driving when you’re sober. Make sure your senses are not impaired and you have presence of mind behind the wheel. You can still enjoy the festivities. Should you decide to partake in alcoholic beverages, just make sure you have a designated driver who’s sober.

If you see someone who’s under the influence or intoxicated and about to driver, contact your local law enforcement elements. Or if you have a friend or family member who’s about to drive despite drunk, grab the keys and let someone who’s sober and reliable to drive for him/her.

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