Photo Inspection for Car Insurance

Photo Inspection for Car Insurance Claims After getting involved in a car accident, the next logical step would be to pursue an insurance claim for damages. But before you can obtain compensation, your insurance provider might ask you a couple of things before releasing the compensable amount. First on the list would be an investigation [...]

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Reporting a Car Accident to the Police

Reporting a Car Accident to the Police In minor car collisions, they’re ideally no-fuss. After the accident, there will be a quick exchange of contact numbers, insurance information, and other key details, and then that’s it. Drivers involved in the accident will let their respective insurance providers handle these matters. How convenient, don’t you think? [...]

Writing Down What Happened in a Car Accident

Writing Down What Happened in a Car Accident In a world of laptops and mobile devices, pens and papers may seem obsolete. But actually, they are far better in terms of retaining what you want to remember. There’s a study about this, really. Note-taking can boost memory, allowing the brain to retain more information or [...]

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Reporting a Car Accident

Reporting a Car Accident Imagine hopping into your car. Whether you’re going to work, a friend’s house, on an errand, or going on a road trip with family. You’ve only one focus in your mind: going to your next stop as safely as possible. You grabbed the wheel and stepped on the gas. A couple [...]

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Don’t Drink and Drive This 4th of July

Don’t Drink and Drink This 4th of July This coming 4th of July, there will lots of fireworks, grilling, and booze. But did you know the rate of drunk-driving incidents is also high during this wonderful occasion? It’s an unfortunate fact that needs to be addressed by authorities. But more importantly, it starts with every [...]

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