Photo Inspection for Car Insurance

Photo Inspection for Car Insurance Claims After getting involved in a car accident, the next logical step would be to pursue an insurance claim for damages. But before you can obtain compensation, your insurance provider might ask you a couple of things before releasing the compensable amount. First on the list would be an investigation [...]

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Reporting a Car Accident to the Police

Reporting a Car Accident to the Police In minor car collisions, they’re ideally no-fuss. After the accident, there will be a quick exchange of contact numbers, insurance information, and other key details, and then that’s it. Drivers involved in the accident will let their respective insurance providers handle these matters. How convenient, don’t you think? [...]

6 Top Causes of Car Accidents

6 Top Causes of Car Accidents Over the years, Las Vegas car accidents have caused countless injuries and deaths. The figure is truly heartbreaking, considering that most of these devastating occurrences could have been prevented by simply observing safety in the roadways. A little discipline and presence of mind on the part of drivers could [...]

4 Common Pedestrian Accidents in Warm-Weather Seasons

It’s no surprise that pedestrians are most likely to suffer serious injuries from automobile-related accidents. In fact, there is a high percentage of fatalities where pedestrians are involved in car crashes. The likelihood of death is higher in pedestrians than the occupants of the vehicle involved. But did you know pedestrian accidents are more frequent [...]

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