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One of the most vulnerable road users are bicyclists. They share the roadways with fast motor vehicles. And they do so with little to no protection in the event of a collision or any vehicular accident. For this reason, the State of Nevada has set up laws and regulations that seek to protect bicyclists.

Under Nevada laws, motor vehicles shall move away from bicyclists with at least three feet of clearance when passing them on the roadways. The objective of the law is to ensure the safety of bicyclists since they stand to get hurt more compared to motor vehicle operators.

But even with these laws and regulations in place, still, there are too many bicyclists getting hurt in motor accidents. What’s even more unfortunate is that these occurrences happen on a daily basis. Despite best efforts to keep safe on the roadways, sometimes these accidents are unavoidable.

Bicycles tend to be hard to spot on the roadways, especially for fast-moving vehicles. Being so much smaller compared to other vehicles, other drivers may not be able to see them. And with the absence of ample lighting, the visibility issue gets worse at nighttime.

So what are the common causes of bike accidents? bicycle accidents? Here are some of the leading reasons.

A higher percentage of bike accidents involve motor vehicles making a turn. Let’s first discuss cars that make a right-hand turn. This happens too often. It’s a frequent lapse of judgment among car drivers where they fail to check for or acknowledge the presence of bicyclists. Going the same direction, some drivers pull over to the side of the road. But neglecting to check their immediate surroundings, they can hit bicyclists sharing the roadway, causing them harm.

Some car drivers would also suddenly emerge from the parking lot or side street. Failing to check for bicyclists, these drivers can hit the latter with the front or side of their motor vehicle as they pull out to the road. This negligence can cause severe injuries to the bicyclists.

Many bike accidents also occur when motor vehicles make a left-hand turn. Car drivers may fail to see an oncoming bicyclist traveling on the opposite side of the road. Or they may fall short in their estimates to avoid a seemingly too far bicyclist. With too much momentum, bicyclists have a higher risk of incurring more serious injuries.

Opening the vehicle door without checking for incoming bicyclists is also another common cause of bike accidents. The unsuspecting bicyclist crashes into the opened door, incurring serious injury to himself as well as damage to the bicycle. This type of bike accident is a common occurrence in crowded cities.

Lastly, rear-end collisions are highly common causes of bike accidents. This usually happens when the car driver isn’t paying proper attention while behind the wheel or wasn’t able to see the bicyclists in front.

If you figured in a bike accident against a motor vehicle, your primary concern should be your well-being. Seek medical attention immediately or ask someone to call for emergency help. Even if you think you’re unhurt, it is essential to get yourself checked by a medical professional.

Only when able to do so, speak with the police and report the accident. Take picture or videos of the scene of the crash. Make sure also to document your injuries and secure evidence, which may be used later down the road.

Confer with a bike accident attorney to seek redress for your injuries and ensure that your rights are protected.

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