Las Vegas ATV Accident Attorney

Las Vegas ATV Accident Attorney

ATV Related Injuries

Did you know that all-terrain vehicles or ATV’s as it is called is widely used in the United States? People use it not only for work but also for also recreational activities. A versatile all-around vehicle, the ATV has many uses, especially in the agricultural sector. It is a favorite equipment among farmers and farm workers for keeping an eye on livestock around the farm and their grazing areas. ATV’s are also perfect for checking and hauling materials, equipment, and supplies. It can also be used to transport crops and animals. Other than for farming, ATV’s are also used in family farms, rural areas, in off-road and mountainous regions, seaside terrain as recreational vehicles.

The ATV is not without its fair share of controversy. The United State Consumer Product or CPSC has documented that from 1982 to 2015 there were around 14,129 ATV-related fatalities. And in 2015 alone, 98,000 individuals received treatment for ATV-related accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury in ATV-related Accidents

ATV-related injuries are all too common when using an ATV while some injuries are non-fatal they could do some severe damage. Some of the non-fatal severe injuries are fractures and dislocations that often happen when a person gets dislodge from the vehicle. Other non-fatal injuries include concussions, neck injuries, chest and abdominal injuries. However, one of the most common and lethal damage is a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the rider hits his or her head in an accident. One of the most telling signs of a TBI is when the person involved in the crash may not even be conscious of his injury. And this is where it could turn fatal and deadly.

Individuals that are involved in ATV accidents undergo life-changing, catastrophic, medical problems that could change their lives completely. Aside from the medical issues, ATV injuries can be expensive and extensive. Injuries involving the spinal are all too common in ATV accidents, and this can lead to life-long physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The Dangers of ATV Use

The ATV flipping, rolling or smashing are just one of the many accidents and one of the most common causes of ATV injuries. This happens when the driver or passenger is thrown off the vehicle. People often don’t realize that the ATV is not built or designed to carry any passengers. By bringing a passenger, the rider is exposing himself and his passenger in danger. The ATV is designed to be driven in rough terrains and lacks the stability that is present in other vehicles.

Children and teens are most at risk getting involved in ATV accidents. They lack the experience, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities and physical strength to properly maneuver ATV’s that is why they are more at risk of being injured. Studies have also shown that deadly and fatal injuries are common in young ATV riders. Even if there are state and federal laws, codes, and standards for the use of ATV’s, injuries and death can still happen.

Las Vegas ATV Accident Attorney

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