6 Top Causes of Car Accidents

6 Top Causes of Car Accidents Over the years, Las Vegas car accidents have caused countless injuries and deaths. The figure is truly heartbreaking, considering that most of these devastating occurrences could have been prevented by simply observing safety in the roadways. A little discipline and presence of mind on the part of drivers could [...]

4 Common Pedestrian Accidents in Warm-Weather Seasons

It’s no surprise that pedestrians are most likely to suffer serious injuries from automobile-related accidents. In fact, there is a high percentage of fatalities where pedestrians are involved in car crashes. The likelihood of death is higher in pedestrians than the occupants of the vehicle involved. But did you know pedestrian accidents are more frequent [...]

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Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident?

Las Vegas Truck Accidents Attorney Have you or your loved ones been injured in accidents involving big trucks? Because of their size and power, accidents involving big rigs and trailers can be very catastrophic. The damage can be very costly, not just to the vehicles involved but also to the passengers and other people nearby. [...]

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Hazardous Roadways, who is responsible?

Hazardous Roadways: Every Government’s Responsibility The state and city governments must maintain the quality of roadways. The law dictates that they must provide safe streets and freeways for the millions of Americans across the country who drive different types of vehicles every day. Unfortunately, multi- and single vehicle accidents still happen because of hazardous roadways. [...]

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Drunk Driver Accident

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Driving by itself carries many inherent risks to the driver and the public. Drunk driver accident. But driving under the influence of alcohol gravely increases such risk. Its danger and the consequential actual losses to life and property are not only imagined. They happen. Almost everyone has witnessed them [...]

Las Vegas Boat Accidents Attorney

Las Vegas Boat Accident Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group Boat Accidents: Who Can be Held Responsible? The sun’s up and the weather is superbly fine. What better way to spend the warm climate than being on the water. As the temperature heats up, millions of Americans flock the waterways with their swimwear [...]

Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Attorney

 Bicycle Accidents, Bike AccidentsOne of the most vulnerable road users are bicyclists. They share the roadways with fast motor vehicles. And they do so with little to no protection in the event of a collision or any vehicular accident. For this reason, the State of Nevada has set up laws and regulations that seek to [...]

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