4 Common Pedestrian Accidents in Warm-Weather Seasons

It’s no surprise that pedestrians are most likely to suffer serious injuries from automobile-related accidents. In fact, there is a high percentage of fatalities where pedestrians are involved in car crashes. The likelihood of death is higher in pedestrians than the occupants of the vehicle involved.

But did you know pedestrian accidents are more frequent on warm weather days than in cold or winter season? The explanation is quite simple. With the weather warm, more people tend to spend more time outdoors. So there will be plenty of people traversing the sidewalks and crossing the streets.

With summer here already, it is important for pedestrians to develop situational awareness and to keep safe, especially when crossing the roads. Here are common pedestrian accidents that happen during warm weather days and how to avoid them.

Accidents on the Crosswalk

One of the most common pedestrian accidents is one that occurs on the crosswalk. This occurs when either the pedestrian or the driver of the motor vehicle fails to yield to the other.

Ideally drivers should give way to pedestrians crossing at streets where there are no traffic signals or lights. Of course, where there are traffic lights, both pedestrians and drivers should take heed to the signals.

To avoid mishaps at intersections and crossings, pedestrians should walk without distractions. Pay attention to the speed of the incoming cars or the traffic notices, signs, or lights nearby. Where crossing is not allowed, you should avoid crossing. Where it is permitted, obey the traffic signals and walk only when it’s time to do so.

Even if you, as a pedestrian, have the right of way as against the driver of incoming cars, it pays to be defensive and avoid accidents by simply taking notice of the signs.

Speeding Cars

At high speeds, it can be difficult for drivers and their cars to make a full stop immediately. This may involve a high risk of accidents, including both vehicles and pedestrians.

If you’re crossing the street, always look both ways then assess any incoming vehicle. You can estimate how fast these cars are traveling. If it looks like they’re not going to stop any time soon to give way to you, stop. Just stop. Even if you have the right of way. It’s better to just let them through than risk hurting yourself.

This tip is particularly applicable when walking at night or early hours of dawn. These are the times where there are high incidents of drunk-driving.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents don’t necessarily involve motor vehicles. It might be caused when you step on something wet, greasy, or slippery. But when it happens in the path of a speeding vehicle, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Distracted walking is one of the leading causes of slip and fall pedestrian accidents. When you’re out on the street, always be mindful of where your feet land. Turn off your phone and keep your senses open. This type of accident is preventable if you just stay alert and conscious of your surroundings.


Some drivers have blindspots in their vehicles. This is common in trucks where there are areas around the vehicle, which cannot be directly seen by the driver. As a result, they inadvertently hit someone or something.

It can be particularly tragic to hear news about a child getting hit by a vehicle while backing out. The reason is usually because the driver wasn’t able to see the injured victim.

You can avoid this type of pedestrian accident by simply keeping your kids close to you at all times. That being said, you, being the adult, should also stay alert and be mindful of the moving objects nearby; these objects include vehicles approaching your direction.

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