6 Top Causes of Car Accidents

6 Top Causes of Car Accidents

Over the years, Las Vegas car accidents have caused countless injuries and deaths. The figure is truly heartbreaking, considering that most of these devastating occurrences could have been prevented by simply observing safety in the roadways.

A little discipline and presence of mind on the part of drivers could have save many people the headaches and heartaches. It’s quite elementary, actually. Just follow the road signs and observe the rules.

First off, avoid speeding above the limit. Drinking and driving don’t mix well, so it’s either one but never both. Avoid any distractions that will keep your eyes and mind off the road. On this thought, avoid using your cellphone. It also pays to be extra cautious, especially during bad weather. And it can be rewarding to be defensive at all times, being mindful of the traffic lights and other users on the road.

Here are the 6 top causes of Las Vegas car accidents.

Every year, there are thousands of Las Vegas car accidents. But everything boils down to these 6 main reasons. Here are the top causes of vehicular accidents in the area.

1. Overspeeding

Overspeeding tops the list in the most common causes of car crashes in Las Vegas. Did you know the national statistics revealed that most speed-related car crashes, which resulted in serious bodily injuries or death, occurred in roadways where the speed limits reached higher than 55 MPH?

2. Driving under the influence

It’s no secret that having alcoholic beverages can impair one’s senses and judgment while operating a motor vehicle. Did you know an average of 28 people die every day in the U.S. as a result of driving while under the influence of alcohol? That’s about 1 death in every 50 minutes.

In the previous decade, drunk driving accounted for roughly 113,000 deaths. Which is equivalent to about 30 percent of fatalities arising from car accidents. It’s that bad, really.

3. Distracted Driving

Distractions can come in any form, whether it’s texting while driving or looking at the surroundings. Anything that keeps the driver’s focus off the road can be a dangerous thing.

Using the cellphone is one of the leading causes of distracted driving. It’s a deadly habit that affects all age groups. This is why it is strictly prohibited during driving.

Other factors that bring about distraction while driving include eating, talking to passengers, or dabbling with the car stereo or AC controls.

4. Unfriendly Weather Conditions

Heavy rains, thick fog, and snow are among the common causes of weather-related accidents. These environmental elements tend to impair the driver’s vision, affecting their judgment and cognitive abilities.

Over the past decade, weather-related car accidents reached over a million instances, accounting for about 22 percent of all car accidents over a ten-year period.

5. Traffic Light Accidents

Picture this: you’re running late so you decided to run at full speed. Then you encounter a traffic light at the intersection that’s about to change from green to red. It may seem like a good idea to run it, but it’s not. Beating a red light is not just an infraction; it is a dangerous maneuver that can cost lives. So think twice before you step on the pedal.

6. Driver Fatigue

Do you drive while feeling tired or drowsy? It may seem innocent, but fatigue is a deadly element. Every year, about 83,000 car accidents occur due to drowsy driving. If you’re planning to do a long ride with loved ones, rest up the night before.

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