Tips If you have been hit and its not your fault

What to Do If Your Car has been hit, and it wasn’t your fault?

Imagine driving off to work. Eyes on the road and two hands on the steering wheel while you mildly sway to the rhythm to the music playing on the radio. Then unexpectedly there’s the sound of metal crunching. Your neck is suddenly jerked back and forth. The car behind has bumped you.
Car crashes can happen to anyone at any time. Even if you’re carefully driving, accidents can still occur. Whether it’s bad driving discipline or simply unfortunate luck, it can be unavoidable.
There are many causes attributable to car accidents. The driver could be texting or otherwise distracted while driving. He or she could also be drowsy, fatigued, or tired behind the wheel. Or worse, driving under the influence.
So what do you do if you figured into a car accident that’s entirely not your fault? Here are simple tips to observe to help you preserve the best possible outcome and resolve the issues with less stress on your part.

First Steps

Car accidents are never pleasant. It can be stressful, and it delays you from going somewhere you’re supposed to be. Nonetheless you need to handle it; otherwise, you’ll lose your traction in pursuing your claim for damages against the erring driver.
First thing you need to do when you encounter a car accident that’s not your fault is to ensure you protect your rights and interests.
Whenever possible, make sure you get the other car’s license plate. Jot it down if you have to. This is crucial as the other driver might make a run for it, making it a hit-and-run case.
Of course, there are instances where it may be difficult to spot the license plate. This is usually the case when it’s covered or there are no plates to begin with. It could also be because you’re injured or need to attend to another person who’s injured.
You may also need to obtain the name and contact information of the other driver. Get his or her phone number, place of residence or business, email, and insurance information.
In all instances, dial 911. It’s best to bring the matter before the law enforcement officers. Also, seek medical attention if necessary.

Immediately After the Crash

If you or anyone is injured, it is crucial to get medical attention immediately. While waiting for the EMT, carefully check for minor bruises, sprains, or strains. But unless it is absolutely necessary, never move a seriously injured person.
Even if it’s clearly the other driver’s fault, don’t just assume he or she will admit fault. There may also be a possibility of him or her leaving the scene to evade liability. Which is why you need to gather as much information to support your claim should you decide to bring an action in court for damages.
Take photos from various angles. Make sure you get the license plate. Talk to witnesses and request that they speak with the investigating police officers. You’ll need the police report later.

Consider Legal Representation

If you’re lucky, the other driver will admit fault and willing to shoulder the costs relating to the damage or injuries you sustained. No hassle, no stress. But that isn’t always the case.
There are instances where the other driver will deny responsibility or otherwise evade liability. When this happens, you might want to consider legal representation. A highly experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney will help you preserve your rights and interests.

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