Safe Boating Tips This Summer

Safe Boating Tips This Summer

The sun’s out and the weather’s warm. What a perfect time to go boating. Summer is the ideal season to take the family and friends and hop on a boat and get on the water. Whether you’re regularly taking a boat trip or just on specific occasions, it is important to always keep safety in mind.

For boat owners or operators, make sure that the vessel is in seaworthy condition. The boat also needs to have sufficient provisions while the crew must be competent and well-trained to take the boat onto the sea. Failure to observe the requisite degree of diligence on their part can lead to liability for damages in favor of the injured persons.

Passengers, on the other hand, should follow the rules as they pertain to their safety. Any contributory negligence on their part may negate or diminish any liability on the part of the boat owner or operator.

But ultimately, your safety is your responsibility. Be alert for potential accidents, and always be mindful of any catastrophe that may arise in the seas. Here are simple boating safety tips to observe when you, your family, or your friends are out on the water.

Don’t Drink and Boat

Just like driving automobiles, alcohol and boating don’t mix well. If you want to partake in the festivities with these beverages, make sure you have another person who will operate the vessel. Operating the boat while intoxicated can just be a dangerous as drunk-driving.

Check the Weather

Before heading to the open water, always check the weather reports. Know what’s brewing and what to expect when you head out there. A seemingly bright, sunny weather can turn into a storm out of nowhere. Should you notice a formation of dark clouds or a drop in temperature, get back to the docks.

Make Sure You Have Proper Boating Equipment

Know what tools and equipment are essential for every boating trip, and make sure you have them for the trip. First off, there should be ample number of life jackets for the crew and passengers on board. Lift rafts, emergency lights, and extra batteries should be available too. Other essentials include cellphones and other communication devices, flares, and first-aid kits.

Let Others Know You’re Going Out to Sea

This is important. If anything bad should happen, the informed person can always contact the authorities for help. What’s crucial is that there is someone who may suspect of the happening of an unfortunate event then seek assistance.

Learn to Swim

Should the boat capsize or sink, swimming becomes a critical skill that can save your life as well as others. Of course, it helps to have a life jacket to help you keep afloat when you’re already in the water for hours and tired.

Take a Course in Boating Safety

Some jurisdictions require boat owners or operators to undergo basic boating education or training courses before they can take their vessel off to sea. This is not just a regulatory matter; compliance with the rule may save a life or two while you’re out there.

Comply with Navigation Regulations

The rules are set for everyone’s safety and convenience. Make your boating activity a fun and safe experience by paying attention to the rules.

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