Safety Tips for Staying Safe During the Holidays

Top Tips to Stay Safe during the Holiday Season

What better way to enjoy the holiday season than spending it with family and friends. Gathering around the table, feasting on the food while reconnecting with loved ones. It can a joyous occasion.

But the hustle and bustle of this time of the year can get the best of us. If not wrapping gifts, most of us go on a holiday rush, buying gifts and hope to get all we need in time.

What is often overlooked during this hurly-burly time and commotion is the risk for injuries. While it may be the farthest thing that comes to mind as many of us are happily frazzled, accidents can happen.

From cooking mishaps to rough holiday crowds, people can get injured. But shouldn’t the holidays be spent with family and friends and not at the hospital?

For a safe and enjoyable holiday season, we offer these simple tips. We wish you a happy and injury-free celebration for you and your family.

Be Careful with Candles and Fireplaces

Reduce the risk of fire-related accidents or injuries by observing these guidelines. Don’t forget to blow out candles and fireplaces before heading to sleep or going out. Never leave candles near curtains, drapes, or other items that easily ignite. Also, keep the flames away from the children’s reach. If left unattended, lit candles have the risk of causing a tragic fire accident.

Think of the Kids When Decorating or Gift-Giving

Younger children are curious and have the tendency to put objects in their mouth. When giving gifts, choose age-appropriate toys that have no small or toxic parts. As for the indoor decoration, keep potentially dangerous items away from children’s reach.

Traveling Safely with Family and Friends

Some people prefer to spend the holidays traveling from place to place. Whether it’s by foot, car, or plane, always make safety a priority.

When driving in snow or icy conditions, exercise caution by slowing down while paying attention to all elements. Make sure to get your vehicle equipped with suitable windshield wipers and tires.

Never drive distracted or fatigued. Always put away the phone down and concentrate on the task at hand. Make sure you are well-rested when operating a motor vehicle.

Moderate Drinking and Responsible Driving

Alcohol is always a staple in most holiday events. Which is why careful consideration should be made with regards to its consumption.

Driving while under the influence or intoxicated is a recipe for disaster. If you had too much to drink, get a cab. Or you can ride with a designated driver.

Kitchen Safety

Spills and mess may be a common thing, but it’s the last thing you should be worried about when in the kitchen. There are other serious concerns such as burn injuries, slips and falls, cuts, and fire.

For the fire risk issue, always turn off the oven and burners before going to sleep or heading out.

The risk of cuts and knife accidents is minimized when you get the right blades for the job. Of course, it pays to be extra careful when handling these sharp objects.

Children are curious creatures. So it’s best to keep the hot, burning, or sharp objects away from their reach to avoid injuries or accidents. Also, minimize the risk of slips and falls by cleaning up spills as they happen.

Stay safe and injury-free during this joyous season. A friendly greeting from Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group.

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