What to Do Immediately After a Minor Car Accident

What to Do Immediately After a Minor Car Accident

Call it bad luck or just bad driving discipline, car accidents are not uncommon in the streets of Nevada. More so in a city as lively and crowded as Las Vegas.

But getting a fender bender isn’t just limited to fast lanes and roadways. It isn’t all wrecked vehicles and catastrophic car crashes. Sometimes it’s just minor scratches and small dents. And these usually happen in parking lots and driveways.

Naturally slow-moving vehicles don’t produce the same disastrous effects that you see in high-speed collisions. In the same way, personal injuries for the people involved may be less serious. Nonetheless these incidents can cause expensive repair costs and stress. Especially so when the party at fault refuses to pay for the costs.

No matter how big or small the damage to your car, it pays to be smart on how to deal with these things. Here are tips on what to do if you encounter a minor car accident.

Stay Calm

To be on top of things, you need to have a calm mind. It helps you think better and assess the situation that has just transpired. Being calm also gives you better presence of mind.

Check for Injuries

While bodily injuries rarely happen in accidents involving slow-moving cars, you should always check for injuries. You should also see if the passengers suffered injuries as well. These may range from minor scratches to acute muscle strain.

Some children also tend to experience emotional disturbance after a minor car accident. Best to calm them down and assure them everything is OK.

Check for Gas Leaks or Sparks

The smell of gasoline should be enough to cause alarm. A spark could ignite it, causing greater damage or physical harm. So if you notice these signs, move away from your car and call 911 ASAP.

Take Photos

It’s a good idea to bring out your phone and take photos of the vehicles involved in the accident. Make sure you get it at all angles. The pictures can be used as proof when you want to establish your claim for damages.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Information

Who knows you might need to speak with the other driver? So it’s best to obtain his contact information as well as his or her insurance documentation. Get the phone number, email, and even social media profiles.

Avoid Roadside Negotiations

As much as possible, avoid making roadside negotiations or verbal agreements. Especially when it’s the other driver who’s at fault. Any unwritten agreement, and without the presence of a credible witness, may not be enforceable before the courts if you intend to pursue a legal action for damages later on.

Make sure that it’s official. In all agreements, compromises, or negotiations, always have the law enforcement personnel involved.

Contact the Police

It’s a good idea to have a police report made. The official document can be used when you want to file a claim with the insurance provider. It’s also a good supporting piece of evidence should you decide to pursue a legal action for damages against the erring driver.

Call Your Insurance Provider

In all instances involving damage to your vehicle, it’s highly recommended that you contact your insurance provider. Have its number and your insurance information stored in your phone for easy access.

Look to an Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

If you’re looking to file a claim for damages, an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney can help you. Look to Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group.

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