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Las Vegas Casino Crimes Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group, providing services for Drunk Driving, Traffic Violations, Casino Crimes, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence and Bad Checks. Contact us for legal advice.

Casino Crimes At A Glance

Casinos – the only places on earth where you can walk in poor and walk out rich. The opposite is also true. Such facts aside, casinos are breeding grounds and are often seen as dens of crime. Strangely, though, most crimes committed inside casinos hardly involve gambling. Wallet and purse thefts stand out as the most common crimes reported inside casinos. Then there are other crimes like forgery and counterfeit money, both of which are federal crimes. But it does not end there. There are other casino crimes like bad markers. Read on to learn more.

The modern automated slot machine is smart. It is in fact, smarter than all the other gambling machines developed in the 80s. In short, it is practically impossible to rig the modern day slot machine. This leaves criminals with just a handful of options. Keep in mind that other than the hard to rig slot machines, surveillance cameras are usually on 24/7. Only the smartest criminals can succeed in casino crimes these days. That explains why in 2009, three men in Pittsburgh took advantage of a software glitch and made away with more than $430,000.


Scammers love casinos. They know that is one place where money roams around with ease. Unfortunately for casino owners, casino related scams vary in their approach and sophistication. The most common ones today include outright con games and plucking cash card vouchers protruding from gambling slot machines. Scammers also pluck cash using inconspicuously marking cards.

Then there are the smart and daring scammers. They use hidden cameras and other devices that can detect clear liquid substances smeared on cards. Some use high-tech devices to fool slot machines that money has been inserted into the slots.

Legal consequences

The legal consequences for casino-related crimes are dire, to say the least. Unfortunately, most casino scammers do not care. Some are unaware of the fact that the little misunderstandings that happen inside casinos can result in both state and federal criminal charges.

Fail to pay a casino marker today and just like that; you could end up in jail for a long time. That is because failing to pay a casino marker is a criminal offense. The penalties for the offense include high fines, incarceration, and costly fines.

Bad Markers

Bad markers, bad checks, and casino debts are terms commonly used by laymen. They all mean different things in the gambling world. Each is an offense punishable by state laws.  It is important to note that all these offenses are treated differently in Nevada. That has much to do with the fact that Las Vegas, Nevada is the world casino capital. You might not know it, but Nevada is the only state that imposes both civil and criminal penalties for gamblers who fail to pay their casino debts.

Keep in mind that despite the different legal provisions in each state as far as bad markers are concerned, there are a few similarities. For instance, in all states, defaulting on a casino marker is treated as writing a bad check. It gets worse with the fact that casinos usually take failed casino markers cases very seriously. They vigorously prosecute anyone who fails to pay a casino marker. It does not matter whether one is a tourist or an American citizen. With that in mind, think twice before getting into a casino debt.

Fraud charges, theft and casino markers

These three can get you in trouble within hours. They are tantamount to making false statements with intent to obtain monetary benefits. Bad markers stand out for various reasons. First off, in the eyes of the law, it means you intentionally lied about your financial ability to pay back the marker on time. In other words, you knew you did not have enough money, collateral or credit to cover the marker. Note that this is a special crime. It can either be a felony or a misdemeanor. In Nevada, it attracts a fine of up to $250 if it’s a misdemeanor and stiffer penalties if it’s a felony. That is just Nevada. Ohio has stiffer penalties just as is the case with New York.

There is yet another solid legal reason why casino markers are treated seriously. The crime by definition is more or less like what forgery is. It is all about using fake records with intent to defraud. In most states, you cannot get away with the offense without a fine of up to $5000 or a four-year minimum jail term. It does not end there. Misrepresentation of asset and identity theft can also accompany the main forgery charge.

What to do in case a warrant has been issued

Your best bet would be to seek legal assistance as soon as you can. The worst you can do is to ignore a casino’s notice on marker repayment. Take that route, and before long, you will be before a judge and ultimately behind bars. Call an attorney for assistance. With some luck, your casino can allow you to settle the matter outside the court

Las Vegas Casino Crimes Attorney Dan Lovell of Empire Law Group, providing services for Drunk Driving, Traffic Violations, Casino Crimes, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence and Bad Checks. Contact us for legal advice.






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